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Engagement Statement
This page is to inform you, the taxpayer, of the services we will provide you, and the responsibilities you have for the preparation of your tax return.

Tax Return Preparation:
    - We will prepare your current federal tax return based on information you provide. Services for Preparation of your return does not include         auditing or verification of information provided by you.
    - This engagement does not include any audit or examination of your books or records. In the event your return is audited, you will be responsible         for verifying the items reported.
    - You must review the return carefully before signing to make sure the information is correct.
    - The tax return preparation fee does not include bookkeeping.
    - Fees must be paid before or scheduled to be withheld from your tax refund BEFORE your tax return is delivered to you or filed for you. If you         terminate this engagement before completion you agree to pay a fee for work completed. A retainer is required for preparation of late returns.
    - Fees charged for tax return preparation do not include audit representation or preparing materials to respond to correspondence from taxing         authorities.
    - Preparation fees do cover limited assistance and consultation during the year.
    - The engagement to prepare your current tax return terminates upon delivery of your completed return and original documents to you. Please         store your supporting documents and copies of your tax returns in a secure place for at least seven years.

Taxpayer Responsibilities:
    -  You agree to provide us all income and deductible expense information. If you receive additional
        information after we begin working on your return, you will contact us immediately to ensure your completed tax returns contain all relevant         information.
    - You affirm that all expenses or other deduction amounts are accurate and that you have all required
        supporting written records. In some cases, we will ask to review your documentation.
    - You must be able to provide written records of all items included on your return if audited by either the IRS or state tax authority. We can         provide guidance concerning what evidence is acceptable.